Industries Impacted by Coronavirus – The Possible Changes to Come

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to unfold, investors are starting to assess the implications for various industries in the economy.  We have collected some of what we consider to be the best work on this topic in order to make it easier for readers to navigate the onslaught of articles and studies on the subject.  While it isn’t yet possible to assess how deep the effects of the stay-at-home orders and government lockdowns will be felt, we can begin to set some parameters for what may ultimately come.
Food and Retail 

This industry seems to be on a downward slant while big corporations like Amazon and Walmart are at their all-time highs in market valuations. While Insta-Cart has been a great way to still receive groceries, we will be seeing a lot more grocery delivery competitors that offer better touchless ways to shop for perishables and easier faceless checkout. We will also see a new revolution of online shopping and tailoring of applications to make things fit just right even from the comfort of your home. Many of these online retailers are even offering free shipping to try on the clothes before purchasing as a way for clients to see and feel the product in person.

How Covid-19 will advance retail tech

Hospitality: airlines, cruises, hotels

The hospitality industry, of course, is impacted the hardest. Logistics in this industry will change the most starting from supply chain to how we maintain cleanliness and gather together to potentially even health checks before flights.

How the hotel industry can recover

Services and Entertainment: gyms, movie theaters, concerts, events

The entertainment industry is all going online and jumping on the band wagon of streaming and subscriptions. The movie industry has started sharing movies initially intended for theatres to be shared via streaming platforms for a premium. We are also seeing a lot of live streaming influencers and entertainers on Instagram and other sources of media providing new ways of interacting with a group. More people are using zoom for meet ups and happy hours than ever before and people are also realizing conferences can still be done virtually.

What entertainment will look like this year

Healthcare: Telehealth, medical devices, lab testing

As telehealth is booming, we will soon start to see the new wave of Telehealth 2.0 where it is more user-friendly to patients and has more compatibility and personability for both patient and doctor. We are also seeing a new movement of gadgets like more advanced respirators, touchless ways to open doors, and new type of mask that shields from viruses. We also are seeing how lab testing and the process of drug discovery is changing through AI models assisting in the drug discovery process.

New medical gadgets to come from COVID-19

This page was written by Juliet Fern and Jeffrey CampMs. Fern is a member of the Cane Angel Network investment team. Mr. Camp is the Managing Director of the Cane Angel Network.