The Launch of the Cane Angel Network

We are excited to announce our official launch of the ‘Cane Angel Network! The ‘Cane Angel Network facilitates investments in UM-related start-ups by UM-related early stage investors (“Angels”) to further the success of the University of Miami’s global community. Working with successful entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders that all share the U in common, we aim to leverage the power of the University of Miami to drive needed innovation.  

Our mission is to provide a best-in-class investment platform to support the global UM entrepreneurial community. By bringing together investors, executives and entrepreneurs with a connection to the University, we aim to enhance the educational experience while helping to turn start-up aspirations to reality. 

What We Offer: We offer exclusive network and industry resources to both start-ups and investors. As a member, you have access to a wide range of exclusive early stage investment opportunities to help you enhance your investment portfolio, enrich your professional network, and engage with the University of Miami. 

Start-ups not only get access to the strongest connection of angel investors globally,  but they also get access to highly useful content, feedback, and growth opportunities to push their company forward.

How It Works: We filter through initial companies that apply for funding every month and select only the top few to give members a credible source of curated investment opportunities. Our diligence reports share the strengths and risk factors of each investment opportunity before our members make their investment commitments. Each member then makes their own decision on how much to invest, or not invest at all, based on how the opportunity fits into their investment plan.

Our Team: A dedicated team conducts diligence efforts, in contrast to most other angel groups, which rely on members for diligence. Our associates are MBA, law, and medical students from the University of Miami, who also aid us in connecting with professionals and professors for deeper diligence.

The team is managed by Jeff Camp, our Managing Director who is an accomplished finance professional with over 30 years of investment experience from managing Morgan Stanley, Andor Capital, Partner Fund Management, and more recently JC venture capital.

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This page was written by Juliet Fern and Jeffrey CampMs. Fern is a member of the Cane Angel Network investment team. Mr. Camp is the Managing Director of the Cane Angel Network.