As a start-up, you not only get access to the strongest connection of angel investors globally, but you also get access to highly useful content, feedback, and growth opportunities to push your company forward.

Entrepreneurs who submit their companies to the ’Cane Angel Network benefit from:

  • Access to our extensive base of experienced investors: The ’Cane Angel Network is comprised of experienced investors and entrepreneurs all of whom are committed to supporting The U’s global community of entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs will benefit from access to not only a source of early-stage funding, but also the rich experience that these investors bring with them.

  • Access to mentorship and education: The ’Cane Angel Network will actively seek to match start-ups with its members who have experience in their area of operation. Everyone knows that the hardest part of succeeding as a new start-up it not the idea, but the execution. By enhancing the experience of your team with hands-on mentors and experts, you will greatly enhance you chances for success.

  • Our state-of-the-art investment platform: You will interact with investors through our online platform where you can securely upload documents, answer questions, and engage with potential partners all in one place. This will save valuable time and resources as you race to build you businesses.

  • Education and start-up resources: The ’Cane Angel Network will regularly hold events for entrepreneurs to engage with potential investors and partners, as well as provide valuable resources to support your start-up.  We aim to provide you will all of the tools you need to start a successful business, so you can focus your time on making it happen.