As a member, you have access to a wide range of exclusive, early-stage investment opportunities to help you enhance your investment portfolio, enrich your professional network, and engage with the University of Miami.

The Cane Angel Network is a 501(c)(3) organization.

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Investors benefit from membership through:

  • Access to our secure network platform: Our state-of-the-art network platform allows you to efficiently access and review key documents and company information. We can match deals to your interests and background or provide you access to all deals on the network. With the ’Cane platform, you can improve your investment returns and save time.

  • Access to high quality deal flow: The entire UM community will be able to submit their start-up plans to the ’Cane Angel Network for investment consideration. This opens up access to thousands of alumni, students, faculty and other UM constituents and their extraordinary talents and ideas. Members will benefit from outreach by the ’Cane Angel Network to attract the best companies for your investment review.

  • Assistance in vetting and due diligence: All investors know that finding great investments takes considerable time and effort. The ’Cane Angel Network is here to help members by conducting initial vetting of ideas to ensure only the best ones are presented to members for their consideration. In addition, the ’Cane Angel Network’s student investment team, lead by an experienced Managing Director, will assist in diligence and final investment analysis.

  • The opportunity for mentorship and guidance: CAN members will have opportunities to provide guidance and mentorship to the companies in which they invest. By matching members with companies that could benefit from their skills and expertise, the ’Cane Angel Network aims to improve the likelihood of a start-up’s success and thereby increase investor returns.

  • Participation in events: Throughout the year, CAN will hold member events focused on member education, company pitches, and just socializing with fellow members. We aim to make the ’Cane Angel Network a place where the U community can come together and flourish.

Once paid, membership fees for the ’Cane Angel Network are fully earned and non-refundable. 

PRIVACY POLICY: No information provided while applying will be sold or made available to companies or organizations not affiliated with the University of Miami. You can read more here.

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For questions or comments on how to become a member, please contact us at